"Extremely engaging" Sunday Express (UK)

"Chilling" Daily Telegraph

"Can't get enough cold-war Germany after Deutschland 83? This is your latest reading companion" Shortlist

"Deft, assured storytelling, a compelling new detective and a fascinating setting I was up late to finish it!" Gilly Macmillan, author of What She Knew

"One of the best reads I ve had in ages. With its masterful intertwining of dual storylines and its stark portrayal of life behind the Berlin Wall, this is a cracking debut." David Jackson, bestselling author ofCry Baby

"Deep and dark, this debut is utterly gripping, sucking you in straight from the get go . . . a corker of an ending. Superb." Nikki Owen, author of The Spider in the Corner of the Room

"Young has recreated excellently the fear and paranoia that permeated East German society . . . I really liked this novel and strongly recommend it." The Crime Warp

"If, like me, you have enjoyed the Soviet-based crime fiction of authors such as Martin Cruz Smith, William Ryan, Tom Rob Smith or Sam Eastland, this will prove itself an absolute must-read . . . Young has more than proved that his name will be one to watch in the future with this powerful, well-researched and intriguing thriller. A highly recommended debut." Raven Crime Reads

"I was in awe whilst reading this novel. David Young manages to capture beautifully the sense of place . . . This is a terrific crime read; with its insight into a bygone era and a fascinating political slant."Northern Crime

"Gripping. The personal and criminal elements are both immediately engaging and well paced. The threads ultimately coalesce to form an astonishingly powerful depiction of life in a totalitarian state and the ending is stunning." Buried Under Books

"A promising debut, an astutely considered novel of detection and place, redolent of dread, paranoia and suspicion. If you are a fan of Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther series, this will appeal. Though it's stylistically more sober than Kerr's noirish novels, the Berlin background is just as authentically realized. Young demonstrates he has not only a fine heroine but a nice eye for action, claustrophobic detail and a lurking, just-under-control sense of the gothic."--The Australian, ARTS